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Falcon’s Beyond Brands develops and deploys both proprietary and partner IP concurrently across multiple platforms through media content, gaming, music, retail consumer products, location-based entertainment experiences, and beyond. 

Katmandu Park

Katmandu Park | Mallorca opened in Mallorca, Spain in 2007, and has since received numerous industry awards and acclaim from its customers. The Park has 10+ immersive attractions that bring unique stories to life in immersive and exciting ways for the entire family.

Age of Artifacts

Age of Artifacts™ is a collectable trading card game where two players battle each other’s Champions across three lanes of combat. The easy-to-learn fast-paced nature of the game welcomes curious and casual players while providing plenty of skill, strategy, and scalability for more hardcore competitors and collectors.


EtherMerge™ is a free-to-play, casual, merge-2 puzzle game that immerses players in the realms of Katmandu and extends storylines from the franchise. The gameplay involves merging items, meeting eclectic characters, and fighting creatures. The more a player engages, the more fun they unlock, revealing further mysteries of the Hidden Realms of Katmandu.


Katmandu is prominently featured inside BEYONDLAND™ on Roblox. A Katmandu Park themed area features portals into The Hidden Realms™, each with its own unique game genre: the intense “Volcano Deathrun” footrace, the “Treehouse Challenge” obstacle course and the “Space Zombie Survival” multi-player game of tag. This brand activation also features gamified attractions and activities such as the “Wheel of Infinite Wonder” carousel, “Expedition Golf” minigolf, a rollercoaster across the park, a ferris wheel, a jet-powered launch tower, and various midway-style games.


Vquarium™ is the ultimate destination for those seeking a groundbreaking fusion of immersive entertainment and educational wonder. In this pioneering adventure, lifelike aquatic experiences are seamlessly blended with cutting-edge technology, creating a unique platform that connects all ages to the marvels of the ocean. With a focus on fostering curiosity, social and environmental bonding, and conservation awareness, Vquarium™ offers an unparalleled journey that leaves a lasting imprint of awe and inspiration. The first experience is scheduled to open in Hong Kong in 2025.

Falcon's Central

COMING SOON – Falcon’s Central will be a signature retail, dining, and entertainment district offering premium amenities, curated experiences, and immersive location-based entertainment venues.

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Licensed IPs

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Curiosity Playground

Curiosity Playground is a heartfelt and wholesome kids’ edutainment brand highlighting worlds and stories centered around science, technology, arts and nature, featuring some of the top children’s properties on PBS Kids and beyond.


Join a team of scrappy kids on their interstellar adventures to rescue cyber creatures with the help of a very special cybernetically-enhanced dog!

CADIM & The Monster Wave

An unlikely teenage hero surfs the most monstrous waves in the galaxy, in a multi-generational tale revolving around tradition, diaspora, and destiny, loaded with fantastical creatures and large-scale superhero action.

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